The constitution of the ACCCA is implemented by these Bylaws.


The Rules contained in Roberts Rules of Order (latest edition) shall govern ACCCA


Section 1. Definitions

A. Individual Any person who is presently engaged in or interested in correctional ministry may become an individual voting member of the ACCCA upon fulfillment of the general conditions.

B. Institutional. Any organization interested in furthering the goals of ACCCA may become an institutional voting member upon fulfillment of the general conditions.

C. Honorary. Honorary membership may be bestowed upon any person who has advanced the cause of the ACCCA upon the majority vote of the Board of Directors meeting and voting. An honorary member is a voting member but not eligible to run for an elected office.


Any member can nominate any individual member for office.

Elections will be held every two years by mail vote.

The officers are installed at the conclusions of the business meeting to be effective thereafter for the term of office.


A. The President, as the official head and chief executive officer of the ACCCA shall:

  1. Call and preside over all regular and special meetings and exercise general supervision over the
    ACCCA committees.
  2. Be responsible for the oversight of the budget, including authorization of the expenditures of
    normal funds necessary for the legitimate interests of the organization.
  3. Appoint a Secretary and a Treasurer.
  4. Appoint Regional Vice- presidents in the absence of regional elections
  5. Conduct ACCCA general meetings according to the Constitution and Bylaws.
  6. Serve on the ACCA Executive Council as a voting member and be the liaison between the ACCCA
    and the ACCA, reporting regularly on the ACCCA’s status and activities.
  7. Serve as the liaison between the ACCCA and The International Commission of Catholic Prison
    Pastoral Care (ICCPPC).

B. The National Vice-President shall:

  1. Perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President.
  2. Assist the President in representing ACCCA workshop proposals for the annual meetings.
  3. Be responsible for ACCCA programs and hospitality at the annual meetings.
  4. Serve as liaison with Regional Vice-Presidents.
  5. Serve as the editor of the ACCCA Newsletter

C. The Secretary shall:

  1. Shall maintain the permanent files of the organization.
  2. Record and maintain in a permanent and secure location the minutes of all ACCCA meetings.
  3. Affix her/his signature to the minutes of meeting, when approved, sign necessary documents and
    perform other duties as delegated by the President.
  4. Send and respond to routine correspondence, maintaining copies of sent and received mail.

D. The Treasurer shall serve as the financial officer and shall:

  1. Collect all dues and assessments.
  2. Keep a permanent record of receipts and disbursements at a secure location.
  3. Receive and record registration forms for general meetings
  4. Prepare the following reports:
    a. an annual budget
    b. a bi-annual financial statement
  5. Maintain custody of all funds and securities of ACCCA.
  6. Along with the President, be authorized to sign checks and have their names on all financial
  7. Turn over to his or her successor the balance of all monies belonging to ACCCA along with an audited final statement and a receipt. of transfer.
  8. Chair the budget and finance committees.

E. The Immediate Past President shall:

  1. Serve as advisor and consultant to the president for a period of 2 years.
  2. Inform the newly-elected President of her/his duties and explain in detail the work to be performed.
  3. Assist the President wholeheartedly in the transition of any new officer of the Executive Committee.
  4. Support and assist the President as called upon.

F. The Regional Vice-President shall:

  1. Organize and preside over regional meetings. The ACCCA Regions are codetermined with ACCA regions.
  2. Submit a report at general meetings.
  3. Encourage members to obtain and maintain certification.
  4. Encourage members to contribute to the ACCCA newsletter.
  5. Plan regional workshops and trainings.


The members of the Board of Directors of ACCCA shall constitute an Advisory Board to the ACCCA President who serves as its Chairperson and be composed of the current officers.

Their duties are:

A. To insure the continuity of the principles and spirit of ACCCA.

B. To attend the bi-annual meetings of ACCCA.


The working committees shall consist of “standing” committees and “ad-hoc” committees. They will report to the membership at all general meetings, following the ordered agenda of business meetings. The Chairperson will be appointed by the President of the ACCCA. Unless otherwise indicated, all committee will meet at least annually.

Standing committees are:

  1. Membership
  2. Communication
  3. Constitution and Bylaws
  4. Standards
  5. Program, Hospitality and Planning
  6. Budget and Finance
  7. Certification

Ad-Hoc committees are:

  1. Nominating
  2. Conference planning
  3. Audit
  4. Teller


Section 1. Time and Location
The general meetings shall ordinarily be held during the annual Congress of the American Correction Association (ACA) at such times and places designated by the President and Executive Committee.

Section 2. Voting
Voting shall be by a show of hands, unless a roll call is requested.

Section 3. Attendance
All ACCCA members are encouraged to attend the general and regional membership meetings and participate in discussions and debate.

Section 4: Quorum
A quorum for all general authorized meetings shall be those present. They shall be empowered to transact business. Motions shall be carried by majority vote of the members present unless otherwise stipulated.

Section 5. Order of Business Meeting
The Business Meeting agenda at each general membership meeting shall be as follows:

  1. Opening Prayer
  2. Approval of Minutes of the past general meeting
  3. Approval of the Financial Report
  4. Correspondence
  5. Standing and Ad-hoc Committee Reports
  6. Regional Committee Reports
  7. Old Business
  8. New Business
  9. Adjournment


The official publication of the ACCCA shall be known as The ACCCA Newsletter.

Approved 1973
Revised 1989
Revised 2004
Revised 2008